London Pacifism and Nonviolence Discussion Group

About the London Pacifism and Nonviolence Discussion Group

These web pages are for information about the

regular pacifism and nonviolence discussions held in London on the second Tuesday each month.

(See the “Future Meetings” page for forthcoming topics.)

The discussions take place from 7pm (until around 9pm) in

Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1.

They are organised by a core group consisting mostly of London-based members of the Peace Pledge Union (the PPU is the main British affiliate of War Resisters’ International); but the meetings are not formally linked to the PPU, the WRI, Housmans, or any other organisation. Indeed, you don’t have to be a committed pacifist or nonviolentist to join in – they are open to anyone interested in pacifism and nonviolence. Numbers attending vary greatly, but the meetings are never too large to be friendly and quite informal.

Events usually revolve around a particular topic chosen by participants at an earlier meeting. This theme is sometimes simply introduced by one of the regular members of the group, but on other occasions by a specially invited “expert”; though where the discussion ends up depends completely on those present. Anyone taking part can suggest topics for future meetings.

For any queries, phone Albert Beale on 020-7278 4474  (though please note that if you leave a message asking for your call to be returned, you may not hear back if the only contact number you give is for a mobile phone). Alternatively, send an e-mail to – however, responses to e-mails are likely to be slower than responses to phone calls.

This web page is not primarily designed for discussions - however submitted comments will be considered for publishing.

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